The following videos give information on topics like supportive and complementary therapies in cancer treatment, dietry measures by Dr. Coy, but also on MBST Magnetic Resonance Therapy, pain therapy and many other interesting subjects.

Dr. Erwin Weijnen on Lyme disease and TBE

Dr. Erwin Weijnen on first-aid kits

Dr. Erwin Weijnen on circulatory problems

Dr. Erwin Weijnen on sun protection

Dr. Erwin Weijnen: Hyperthermia

Dr. Erwin Weijnen on migraines

Influenza vaccination for protection during winter

Dr. Erwin Weijnen: Acupuncture

Naturopathy and cancer

New paths in cancer treatment using oncolytic viruses ... in conjunction with regulatory medicine

Diet advocated by Dr. Coy


MBST® Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Therapy