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The Paracelsus Practice Clinic offers you a wealth of talks and informative events covering all aspects of health. Benefit from first-hand knowledge that will provide you with answers to the questions you have about your health.

It is only by knowing the causes that you can also understand the effects.

You are what you eat - but what is the right thing to eat?

Anti-Cancer diet according to Dr. Coy

Free talk on diet by the natural health practice of Marina Lemen


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Bioenergetic massage

A bioenergetic massage quickly restores the vital energy and balance that your body needs. Moreover, it also soothes the soul: patients with acute depressive and nervous disorders feel much calmer and more relaxed afterwards. A bioenergetic massage boosts vitality and performance capacity.

Further benefits of a bioenergetic massage are that it:

  • resolves headaches and migraine problems
  • acts to combat restless legs and fatigue syndrome

Massage therapist: Dr. rer. nat. Monika Mai

Massage appointments can be made by telephone.
Treatments take place every Friday and Monday.
The treatment lasts around 60-75 min.