Cancer: hand in hand for a successful therapy

Today cancer rates are going up rapidly and are increasingly affecting young people.

In biological cancer therapy there are numerous methods for supporting the patient's immune system and overcoming the disease.

The Paracelsus Practice Clinic has developed a number of supportive therapies with biological complementary treatment methods which considerably improve the process of the disease and prognoses for patients.


Early detection

If a cancer is detected at a very early stage and treated accordingly, a cure is possible in very many cases. Precautionary screening plays a very important role here and should be done on a regular basis – especially if a relative has already been diagnosed with cancer.

It is also very much about the diagnostic methods which are employed in the precautionary screening. They should enable cancers to be detected even in the earliest phases. This is the only way to ensure that patients have time on their side and an individual course of treatment can be initiated in order to be successful against the cancer. Below you will find some prevention and treatment possibilities available:

Cancer diagnosis

  • Immune system tests
  • TKTL1 and APO10 determination
  • Determining peroxide load
  • M2 PK bladder test
  • Determining vitamin levels

A healthy diet for better therapeutic successes

In cancer therapy a change of diet is of fundamental essence. In order to prevent malignant neoformation or further metastasis nutritional changes are necessary. One of possibilities is the diet advocated by Dr. Coy.

The diet ,advocated by Dr. Coy , is one fundamental ways that cancer patients can benefit of.

Cancer cells can get their energy in an alternative way and they switch from what is known as the respiratory chain to fermentation. As a result of this change in the energy supply, the cancer cells become more aggressive, tend to form metastases and are resistant, for example, to radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Whether and to what extent cancer cells switch over to fermentation can be assessed by measuring an enzyme, TKTL1. This discovery of TKTL1 by Dr. Coy forms the basis for a switch in food products that inhibits the growth of cancer cells and lessens resistances.


Cancer treatment

  • Localized deep hyperthermia
  • Active hyperthermia (fever therapy)
  • Artesunate, vitamin B17, DCA infusions
  • Mistletoe therapy
  • Immune-regulating peptides
  • Regeneresen therapy by Prof. Dyckeroff
  • Ozone therapy
  • Nutritional therapy by Dr. Coy

Hyperthermia (pyrotherapy)

Hyperthermia is understood as the body's response to overheating. This overheating can be generated actively, i.e. by the body, or happen passively (e.g. through heating by devices).

In the case of active hyperthermia (pyrotherapy), proteins producing fever are injected. Producing a fever has two aims to it: on the one hand maximum stimulation of the body's own defence mechanism and the immune system, on the other hand the simultaneous killing off of tumour cells which, in contrast to the body's own healthy cells, are not very good at withstanding higher temperatures.

Pyrotherapy is noted for its optimum efficacy coupled with excellent tolerance. It is therefore an important component within the range of tools for biological cancer treatment. Back in 1927, Dr. Julius Wagner von Jauregg received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for developing pyrotherapy.


Artesunate, the "herbal chemotherapeutic substance"

The medicinal plant "annual mugwort" (Artemisia annua) is used to obtain the substance artemisinin, which is then processed further to produce the drug artesunate. Artemisinin was first employed as a means to combat malaria. In 2011, scientists from the BioQuant Centre at the University of Heidelberg and the German Cancer Research Centre established that artesunate triggers a programmed cell death (apoptosis) in cancer cells.

Artesunate displays its cell-destroying effect as a result of an oxidative reaction with the highly concentrated iron in the cancer cells. The chemical reaction forms free radicals which damage the cancer cell. Artesunate is an effective treatment option for cancers and it has very few side-effects. Artesunate can reduce or even prevent the creation and spread of metastases.

The Trojan horse: vitamin B17

Vitamin B17 can help to restrict tumour growth, prevent the spread of cancer (metastatic spread) and additionally help to alleviate pain.

The main active ingredient of vitamin B17 – also referred to as laetrile or amygdalin – is made up of the two glucose units hydrogen cyanide and benzaldehyde, which form a stable compound. Both substances in their own right are highly toxic cytotoxins, but in bonded form as laetrile in the human organism they behave in a completely neutral way; they display no effect at all on living tissue or healthy cells.

It is only in combination with beta-glucosidase, a specific enzyme that is only found in cancer cells, that laetrile can display its effect. The enzyme beta-glucosidase is able to cleave laetrile into the two cytotoxins hydrogen cyanide and benzaldehyde. This means that a central effect only occurs in diseased cells because this is the only place that the cleaving enzyme exists in large quantities. With the chemical process only taking place within the cancer cells, they poison themselves virtually on their own.

A clever protective mechanism for healthy cells

Another important enzyme in vitamin B17 therapy is rhodanese; it acts as a protective enzyme for healthy human cells because it neutralises the hydrogen cyanide which is produced in the therapy and converts it into non-toxic substances which are in fact beneficial to health. Rhodanese is found throughout the human body in large quantities – apart from in cancer cells.

When the second active substance benzaldehyde, which is also produced during the treatment with B17, comes into contact with healthy cells, it is converted into harmless and useful benzoic acid and this has an anti-rheumatic, antiseptic and pain-relieving effect – it therefore acts as the body's own natural analgesic. As B17 only occurs in small quantities in the organism, it must be supplied through nutritional supplements.

Vitamin B17 can help

  • Shrink tumor growth
  • Prevent cancer from spreading (metastases)
  • Provide additional pain relief

Mistletoe therapy

Mistletoe preparations are generally administered as an injection therapy. This is relatively simple to implement – the mistletoe preparation is generally injected under the skin (subcutaneously) two to three times a week with a very thin needle at a point which will be determined by the doctor. The mistletoe therapy has a direct impact on tumour cells, but it also has other effects which benefit the integrative cancer therapy.

This effect of mistletoe therapy of stimulating the immune system has three benefits in the treatment of cancer:

  • The body's own defence against freely circulating cancer cells is supported, allowing further metastatic spread of the tumour to be impeded.
  • Operations, radiotherapy and in particular courses of chemotherapy can greatly weaken the immune system. This weakening is partially reversed again by simultaneous mistletoe therapy. However, you cannot expect that an immune system which has been suppressed by chemotherapy will always be fully rejuvenated by mistletoe therapy.
  • An intact immune system helps to prevent relapses in the after-care phase following successful treatment to destroy the tumour (relapse prevention).